Anyone registering as a volunteer for an SD Savers sale is expected to read, understand and sign the following agreement, which basically says we know what's expected of each other.

  1. Volunteer understands that they will be representing SD Savers and agrees to act responsibly and uphold SD Savers’ standards of cleanliness, organization, friendliness and honesty.
  2. Volunteer understands that in return for the work shift(s) completed SD Savers agrees to allow Volunteer access to the pre-sale event.
  3. Volunteer understands that if they have consigned items at the sale, in return for the work shift(s) completed, SD Savers agrees to pay the Volunteer/Consigner an increased percentage of the total sales of those items in accordance with the Consigner Agreement. SD Savers agrees to waive the Registration Fee for Volunteer works 2 shifts.
  4. Volunteer agrees to complete their assigned work shift(s) by arriving on time, working the entirety of the shift(s) and being fully engaged and available during the shift(s).
  5. Volunteer agrees that they will not bring children with them to the work shift.  Volunteer understands that exceptions can be made during certain shifts, but it is the volunteer’s responsibility to arrange the exception with SD Savers prior to signing up for a work shift.
  6. Volunteer understands that they may cancel, change or add work shifts as available until the deadline for volunteer registration. Volunteer understands that after the volunteer registration deadline the work shift assignments are considered final.
  7. Volunteer agrees that if they are unable to fulfill their obligation of working their assigned shift(s) they will supply a suitable substitute that understands the terms of this agreement and the responsibilities of the work shift(s).  Volunteer agrees to contact SD Savers in the event that someone else will replace the registered volunteer.
  8. Volunteer agrees to contact SD Savers as soon as they aware of a situation that would cause them not be able to fulfill the obligation of their assigned work shift(s).
  9. Volunteer understands that if they are unwilling or unable to fulfill their obligation of working their assigned shift, they will be prohibited from volunteering at any future SD Savers sale and will forfeit any additional earnings they may have received as a Consigner.
  10. Volunteer agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in the sale from whatever cause against SD Savers, its owner, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, or any volunteers or the insurer of SD Savers.
  11. The signer cannot own/manage a consignment sale business for 2 years in Carmel Valley, 4S Ranch or Mira Mesa. Volunteers are permitted to participate/volunteer in other consignment sales. Owners and/or managers of other sales must ask permission to participate with SD Savers.