How to Sell

SD Savers utilizes an online software system,, that allows you to print your own bar-coded tags from home! The system manages all of your inventory and tracks your sales.

  1. Select a Sale – Please select which sale you would like to participate in (Please refer to the sale location on the home page.)
  2. New Sellers – Select Create user Account under Consign->Consignment Registration. Fill the information and PLEASE make sure your email is correct. Information sent for the sale will sent through email. PLEASE add and to your safe sender list. Save your name and password.
  3. All Sellers – First, you must Register. Sellers that have already registered can just choose Login. This step will quickly bring you to the main page.
  4. How much to sell? – We suggest you to price your items between ¼ and 1/3 of original retail.
  5. Enter Items – For clothes, we suggest you to sort by gender & size before entering items.
    • See Pricing and Tagging for details & suggestions.
    • DISCOUNT- Select if you would like your items to be sold ½ price the last day of the sale. Sellers who do so sell more.
    • DONATE- Select if you would like any unsold items to be donated to local charities.
    • SIZE- Use numerical sizes for all children’s clothes. If the label says medium, pick the best numerical size it represents. For juniors, women’s and maternity you need to choose S, M, L for these categories ONLY. Use Blank Size if your items do not have a size.
    • DESCRIPTION- try name band, color, and type of clothing. The better the description the easier it is for our system to locate items for lost tags.
  6. Express Tagging - Super fast way to save your time! Utilize Power Tagger option for making multiple items of the same price. You can also utilize this tool to make generic tags with your barcode, seller number and price, with a blank space for size, description and category. These can be pre-printed and filled in off-line and handwritten as you go.
  7. Print out your price tags and attach them to your items.
  8. Drop off your items on our sale’s drop off date. Pick up your unsold items after the sale, or we will donate for you.
  9. Wait for your check after the sale in 10 days. Please check all the tabs for details.