Frequently Aksed Questions

What is a kids consignment sale?

Kids consignment sales are similar to children’s resale stores, in that we sell your items for a percentage of your sales.  Your items are set up in a retail environment, organized by size and type. You are not required to be on-site for the sale, your only job is to prepare, tag, and drop your items off.

Who can consign their items and become a seller?

Anyone can consign their children’s items with SD Savers.

How often do you have these sales?

We hold two sales in each location, one in the spring and one in the fall. Please join in our Mailing List to get the updated sales information.

How much will I earn?

You will earn 70% of the price that your item sells for.  Earn 75% if you volunteer for one shift. Earn 80% if you volunteer for two shifts.

Are there any additional fees involved?

There is a $10.00 non-refundable registration fee that will be deducted from your earnings check. This helps cover the cost of space rental, advertising, racks and other miscellaneous expenses that make the SD Savers Sale run smoothly. The consignor fee is waived for the first-time consignor. Volunteer twice and the consignor fee is waived too.

When do I receive my check?

Checks will be mailed within 10 days of the sale end date to the name and address on your account that you provided when registered as a seller.

How do I obtain a consignor number?

If you are a previous consignor, you will use the same number as in previous sales. It is stored in My Conisngment Manager and will automatically be filled in when you register. If you are a new consignor, you can make up your own number when you are registering for sale. It can be any number up to six digits long. If the number is already taken by another consignor, the system will prompt you to choose different number.

If I am a previous consignor, am I automatically registered for your sale in future seasons?

As a previous consignor, you are NOT automatically registered for any and all sales in future seasons. You MUST register for each sale. However, your consignor number is always the same.

If I forget to enter an item in the on-line system, can I write a manual tag?

NO. You will not be allowed to sell an item that does not have a bar code on it. We have to be able to scan all tags at checkout and you cannot receive credit for an item that is sold if it does not have a barcode.

How will I know if my items have sold?

Our online software allows you to track your sales each day. At the end of each day of the sale, we will update seller accounts with what has sold to date. Log into your account and click on “View Settlement Report” to see what has sold and how much money you’ve made so far. On the last day of the sale, after we have closed to the public, we will update accounts so you can see what unsold items you have to pick up.

Do I get my unsold items back?

Yes. If you want your items back, you’ll need to designate so when listing your items. Also, make sure that you pick them up within the allotted pick up time. If not, they will be donated to our designated charity.

Who does the pricing?

You set your own price and tag your own items. The amount of money you can make is determined by the quantity and quality of your items, how competitively you price them, and if you can join us as a volunteer or refer other consignors.

Do I have to have my items sell for half price?

We have the last day of the sale for items to be sold for ½ price. When listing your items you have the choice to list your items ½ price or keep the full price. It‘s all up to you!

Is there a limit on how many items I can consign?

No limit is currently in place, however, keep in mind that we carefully inspect each item to ensure “gently used, excellent quality” items at the SD Savers Sale.

Is it difficult to sell my items?

Not at all. Listing and tagging your items is quite simple. Using our online software you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes, but first, you have to register as a consignor in our system. Please check the Consign tab on this website for more information.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, credit cards. No checks, please.

What about stuffed animals?

Please, no stuffed animals. Please check Accepted Items to Consign tab on this website for more information.

What happens to my unsold items if I do not pick them up after sale?

Any items not picked up are taken by our missions team and donated to local charities.