What is a Discount Day?

The last day of each SD Savers Sales event is a 50% discount day. We do this to increase sales of remaining items on the last day of the event – less items and more money for you to take home! We do give you the option to NOT DISCOUNT your items-simply not select “ DISCOUNT” when you create your tag, and your item will remain full price even on discount day.

Please choose NO DISCOUNT sparingly. We recommend only choosing NO DISCOUNT when the item is priced competitively (in which case it would be sold at full price earlier in the sale).  Most of our consignors would rather take less profit than none at all. They’d also rather not bring home boxes of unsold clothing and accessories. It is our experience that many of the items remaining after discount day were over-priced. Items that are over-priced and marked NO DISCOUNT almost always go back home with the seller.

Therefore, if you are planning to donate unsold items, we encourage you to choose DISCOUNT all of your items to maximize your chances for selling them.