Check-In and Pick Up

Check In

PLEASE make a check-in appointment after you register.

The appointments help keep check-ins running as smoothly as possible with little or no wait.  If you miss your appointment, please come during the check-in hours and please DO NOT wait until the last hours!!  We will do our best to fit you in - it just might take a little longer. You can change your time as long as there are slots available.

Remember, we do check all items as they come in for quality control, please bring your clothing pre-sorted by gender and size.

Pick Up

Local charities come promptly at the end of each pick-up time.  All items at the end of pick-up will become property of SD Savers.


After the sale is over, check your on-line report to see what you sold and then wait for your check! Checks will be mailed within 10 days of the sale end date to the name and address on your account that you provided when registered as a seller.

Please note: A $10 registration non-refundable fee will be deducted from your sale. No fee for the first-time sellers.