Consignor (Seller) Agreement

In order to register, you must accept our terms and conditions:

SD Savers, LLC. Consignor (Seller) Agreement 08/18/2016

To participate in and profit from the SD Savers, LLC Kid´s Consignment Events, sellers and/or volunteers agree to the following:

  1. Seller agrees to waive any and all claims against SD Savers, LLC and /or any event volunteers or landlord of the rental space for any discrepancies involving items placed in the event; lost, stolen, or damaged items due to no fault of our own; or, personal injury from participation in the sale, whatever the cause.
  2. All goods left in the possession of SD Savers, LLC. are at the sole risk of the seller. (Seller agrees that it shall assume and bear all risks regarding items dropped off at the event and will hold SD Savers, LLC. exempt from any and all liability: to include but not limited to theft, fire, wind or rain. SD Savers, LLC. reserves the right to remove any items from the event due to wear, poor condition or stains).
  3. Seller agrees that the distribution of proceeds from the sale of each item will be as follows: Seller will receive 70% and SD Savers, LLC. will receive 30% as the event fee and volunteers will receive UP TO 80% and SD Savers, LLC. will receive either 20%, 25% or 30% as the event fee for each item that is sold. Proceeds will be distributed as soon as possible after the conclusion of the sale.
  4. A $10 non-refundable registration fee will be deducted from your final check.
  5. Seller agrees that any remaining merchandise not picked up by the end of the sale will become the property of SD Savers, LLC. Please do not call or email to find your forgotten items.
  6. Volunteers will be needed before, during and after the sale. Once you are scheduled, we rely on you to keep your commitment to working your scheduled shift. If for ANY reason you have to cancel your work-shift after midnight last day prior to the sale, a $25 fee will be deducted from your final check (unless you schedule and work another shift). We certainly appreciate all those who offer their time! Thanks in Advance.
  7. I, the undersigned, hereby release and agree indemnify and hold harmless SD Savers, LLC.  and its members, or volunteers of any and all liability that could possibly be incurred as a result of my negligence, intentional or unintentional during the commission of my responsibilities as a volunteer for SD Savers, LLC Consignment Event.
  8. I further release and hold harmless SD Savers LLC, its members, affiliates, volunteers of all liability with regard to any physical or emotional harm that I may sustain during the time I volunteer or as a result of my participation in the project as a volunteer.
  9. The signer cannot own/manage a consignment sale business for 2 years in Carmel Valley, 4S Ranch or Mira Mesa. Sellers are permitted to participate/volunteer in other consignment sales.  Owners and/or managers of other sales must ask permission to participate with SD Savers, LLC.