Accepted Items

Consigning works!
You can:

  1. Earn extra money! Consignors earn 70% commission - Volunteers earn up to 80% commission.
  2. Clear unneeded items from your home without hassling with a yard sale.
  3. Shop our pre-sale before the public shopping times.

Quality is important. Items that are stained, too worn, have missing buttons or broken zippers, or are out of style will not be accepted at check-in. Items must be clean, free of odors and pet hair.

Toys, strollers, bikes, high chairs, and swings are top sellers. They should be clean and functioning. IF BATTERIES ARE REQUIRED, THEY MUST BE INCLUDED. Items will be tested and rejected if batteries are missing and we cannot items work.

Accepted Items:

Quality Children's Clothes – New or gently used, high quality clothing is accepted in sizes newborn through children’s size 14. (2-piece set priced together counts as one item).

CLOTHING SIZES – All tags must have a numerical size on or written on the tag, no sale area for letter sizes. You will do a better job of approximating the size than us.

INFANT SIZES – Only 20 can be 12 months and under.  (Remember multiple pcs can have only 1 tag. ) We always have a good supply, so price competitively.

JUNIORS – Limited to 10 items and are only sizes XS, S, M, L.

SHOES – Must be in EXCELLENT condition. Please bring your best!

Toys & Equipment – Toys (all ages, all kinds). All toys must be clean and in excellent condition WITHOUT missing parts. PUZZLES (only puzzles under 20 pcs, where the pieces can be all seen). Also, large outdoor play sets and plastic playground items, riding toys, bikes, wagons, scooters, kitchen sets, etc.

Children’s Books & DVDs – (No VHS Tapes) Check all books for missing or torn pages. All DVDs must be in original case.

Halloween Costumes & Christmas Themed Clothing

Car Seats – Car seats must have been manufactured in the last 5 years and never been involved in an accident, please check the manufacture date on the back of the car seats. Cover and belts should be clean. A copy of the manufacturer’s instructions must accompany each seat. If you don’t have that, you can download and print a copy from the manufacturer’s web site.

Children’s Furniture – Only SMALL kid furniture that is in excellent condition. This includes pack-in-plays, toy boxes, book cases, toy organizers, etc. NO kids’ beds, changing tables, rocking chairs and gliders. All furniture must be fully assembled. Please check the U.S. consumer Product Safety Commission’s website to ensure your item has not been recalled at

Baby Items – Strollers, Joggers and Bike Trailers. Car Seats and Booster (Must be manufactured in the last 5 years). Pack n Plays, Swings, High Chairs and Booster seats. Exersaucers, Walkers, Bouncy Seats and Door Jumpers. Shower gifts & accessories (like picture frames & collectibles), furnishings & décor, assembled cribs, bath tubs, monitors, baby bottles, diapers, diaper bags, burp pads, and any other baby items.

All items must be assembled at drop off unless new & still in box.

Sporting Equipment – Bring us your gently used equipment to include sports balls, bats, golf clubs, ski clothes, game tables, uniform pants, shin guards, etc. 

Shoes – We only accept like-new condition shoes up to adult size 8 - please no heels or obvious adult-looking shoes.  They must be packaged in clear bags, with the tag attached to the outside or they can be secured together with a zip tie with the tag also secured that way, too.  You may also seal your bags with tape to deter anyone from opening them.  If a shopper requests to open a bag, our volunteers will make sure it gets sealed back again.  Do not bring them in shoe boxes.  Please make sure the sizes are the same.  If the shoes are too large for a bag, then make sure they are secured together.

Parenting & Nursery Items

All items must be clean and in excellent condition! Please feel free to add anything else as long as it relates to children or parenting.

Women’s Accessories – Handbags and Purses. Scarves, Hats & Jewelry. Must be in excellent condition. Handbags over $25 will be secured. Please attach tags securely and tape the safety pin if needed.

Home Décor – Pictures, Holiday Décor, Music CD’s, Bookcases, etc.


NOT Accepted: